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Nexa’s hostesses deliver a 5-star all-round service. Nexa partners with Profirst for the 78th Venice International Film Festival Logistic organization of the “Saint Laurent” event in Venice A Press Trip by the book Restarting with beauty in the spotlight Le Buone Maniere negli Eventi: il Matrimonio 19th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation The Venice Carnival at Caffè Florian, as ever the focal point of elegance and luxury Tinexta First 10 years: an event in the name of networking and culture 18th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation Three days full immersion for a group of hosted by a famous Parisian “maison” Nexa and Profirst: the collaboration with the great Parisian agency continues Miu Miu at the Venice Film Festival Our hostesses for a fairytale wedding Nexa and Francesca e Federico’s wedding in Venice "Dior 2019 High Jewellery Presentation" in Venice Tiepolo Ball; Nexa organizes the Ball of the Century with Dior and Venetian Heritage Colnaghi at the Venice Biennale Two gala evenings for Gagosian on the occasion of the Venice Biennale Nexa and the 58th Venice Biennale The Venice AEFFE Store at the Venice Fashion Week Opening Event of the new Daniel Wellington Store in Venice OECD conference on cultural and local development With Crif a sparkling event combining beauty, art and entertainment 17th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation Timely logistics for OFFICINE PANERAI in Venice Nexa alongside Profirst for a cutting edge event A perfect partnership. When the client is another agency. L' EVENTO RCS: what is essential is perfect. Hotel Heureka in Venice: the story of a successful relationship Estée Lauder in Venice: a social media "Travel Experience", combining luxury and tradition Happy birthday, Twinset! Ian Cheng's virtual world With Fendi for the “People Make the Difference” event Logistics in style for ASTORG in Venice WonderTour 2018: Digital tranformation starts here! The secrets of Venetian masks; an immersive experience with La Mer in Venice, combining mystery, transformation, and beauty Giorgio Armani Beauty in Venice 16th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation With FIS for its 60th anniversary, with an event dedicated to great art Bulgari - Brand Event 2017 Gala dinner with The American Friends of the Louvre, Venetian Heritage and Maserati to celebrate the beauty of art in Venice New Appointment with Venice Marco Polo Airport for the inauguration of the new expansion of the Passenger Terminal CRIF once again in Venice for its TOP EVENT 2017 in the name of excellence A full rostrum of events for Nexa at the 57th International Art Exhibition - Venice Biennale Opening party in honour of Damien Hirst at the Venice Arsenale Executive Dinner at Hotel Metropole in Venice with Schneider Electric - Wonderware Italia Spa Chanel chooses Nexa for the Fashion Day 2016 in Venice Inauguration of the Water Terminal and Moving Walkway of the Venice Airport, two major infrastructure projects and a stylish event to match 15th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation T Fondaco - Grand Opening of the new luxury retail destination in Venice The Nexa appointments with the big brands at the Venice Film Festival Edizioni Condè Nast - Lamborghini: two worldwide luxury brands, one top-tier event Event at Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Staff assistance - April 23rd, 2022 "Along the Silk Roads": infrastructure and technology to strengthen the ties between East and West - Luxury brand celebrates the opening of the Venice Architecture Biennale Espace Louis Vuitton Venice has inaugurated the new exhibition “Fondation Louis Vuitton Building in Paris by Frank Gehry, with the participation of Daniel Buren” Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award WICSA and CompArch 2016 500th anniversary of the Venetian Ghetto. A vibrant community in the heart of the city. An occasion for remembrance and commemoration. The organization of the XL Catlin event: a successful case history High fashion logistics in Venice Birthday Party at the Palace Coin Venice changes its looks and becomes ....Excelsior! Dutch Evening 14th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation Fondazione di Venezia opens its doors to OECD New look for Prada in Venice: great event, great organization! CIMPRESS with NEXA in Venice between tradition and innovation "Being The Protagonist" - Nexa for Condé Nast and Jacob Cohën NEXA + EXPO... When food meets art, music and cinema NEXA with the great luxury brands in the name of art, music and culture Venice, city of pleasures: art meets the corporate world. Venice off the beaten path: a treasure trove of hidden gems 20th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation A night of magic at the St Regis San Clemente Palace Hotel in Venice 5 big names for Nexa's 2015 Venice Art Biennale GAME CHANGER: the Wonderware software that changes the rules of the game! Nexa and the Venice Port Authority ply the Motorways of the Sea Alitalia alongside Etihad between Venice and Abu Dabi Venetian Journey to discover new itineraries and hidden treasures Mondo Novo: optical views and Olafur Eliasson | Vuitton brings the merchant of light to Venice Homo Faber 2022 - VIP Experiences - Richemont China Homo Faber 2022 - VIP Experiences - IWC – Gloria Masotti Miro Annual Meeting: Launching the 2015 challenge! A great party for Bianca! Charles 50: Congratulations on sailing into fifties! Vhernier brings its new collection to Venice 10 in Venice: happy birthday to Duvetica! The festival does not live by films alone. Book presentation with an exceptional cast the 71th Venice Film Festival Alberta Ferretti at the Venice Film Festival A New Museum for a New City The Foundation Swarovski lights up the Architecture Biennale Sguardi incrociati a Venezia: new LV event and new Louis Vuitton travel book in the lagoon city Screenings in Venice e Cartoons on the Bay: Two successful events for Rai and for Nexa 13th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation The Software Industrial Revolution Begins Now! InTouch 2014: continuing the Wonderware industrial software revolution! Renaissance: an exciting dialogue between Carpaccio and Viola by Louis Vuitton Around Venice, taking in exhibitions, "bacari" and old-established restaurants! Presentation of the Louis Vuitton Venice City Guide 2014 An Invitation to the Palace - "Stepping into art" Nexa in Milan for the exclusive Pixartprinting Event Credit 2020 - Conference Dinner & Registration Fee Louis Vuitton Maison Opening The 18th International Euro-Asia Research Conference The Aspen Seminars for Leaders – 32nd edition Libralex Event 11th International Conference on Credit Risk Evaluation Festa del Redentore Serenissima Run – Four-Wheel Classics from Montecarlo to Venice America’s Cup and Venice: cup racing meets tradition meets glamour Crossing of civilizations NOW 2012 - North-East Opportunity Workshop Function, Stability, and Beauty: Engineering as a work of art Pixartprinting goes social 10th International Conference On Credit Risk Evaluation Crossing of Civilizations Pixart Event Towards recovery and partnership with citizens: the call for innovative and open governement The 67th Venice International Film Festival Inauguration of Corporate Headquarter Oceans from Space Venice Biennale 2009 - Philadelphia Museum of Art: Donors’ program and Bruce Nauman Gala Evening Private Water Taxi - September 5th Decennale Fondirigenti - La cultura della responsabilità: patrimonio per il futuro – (The culture of Responsibility: a heritage for the future) Launching the Nord Stream Project Scanning the Trail into the Future: the Indo Italian Venice Seminar for Representatives of the Media Experiences Classical Venice: the treasures of Piazza San Marco Secret Venice: a world of beauty and intriguing facts Venice, the queen of blown glass The islands of the Lagoon: a watery maze The scent of old shops: a walk across working Venice Modern and contemporary art in Venice Treasures of the Renaissance: walking in the footsteps of the great masters Gourmet Venice and the flavours of the lagoon Live Venice like a Venetian Services Event Consulting & Feasibility Planning Event Administration & Back Office Management Budgeting & Contracting Hospitality & Accommodation Location Scouting Logistics Management Catering & Banqueting Set Up & Decorations Technical Equipment & Streaming Hostesses & Stewards Tours & experiences Translators & Interprets Music, Performance & Entertainment Security Staff Graphics & Calligraphy Photo & Video Services Gifts & Giveaways Blog A secret gem for your event in Rome amidst the splendours of an extraordinary past  The island of Giudecca - Retracing the roots of a fabulous past Your event in the heart of Venice - A unique venue amid priceless art treasures Credit 2023: Credit risk and environmental sustainability as the central theme of the conference and European projects Ikebana and Micheluzzi Glass: the Far East in an exceptional workshop An institutional event celebrating art and culture Micheluzzi Glass at Palazzo Venart Nexa official partner of The Venice Glass Week 2023 Borgo Rocca Sveva, a jewel in the heart of the Verona hills Organise your conference in Venice’s St Mark’s Square Dining in the drawing room of Europe The Italian Glass Weeks 2022: Nexa is an official partner A treasure chest of hospitality in the heart of Venice Partying it up on a catamaran at sunset... with a view of the golden city Luxury events at The Venice Venice Hotel: when hospitality becomes art Experimentation, recycling, beauty: 3 craftswomen in Venice show us a more humane future Venetian Heritage, in the name of art and culture in Venice With Nexa at Homo Faber 2022 – Crafting a More Human Future 5 restaurants in Venice, 5 gourmet experiences to share 5 Boutique hotels in Venice, 5 locations where hospitality becomes a luxury experience 7 major events in Venice in 2022, spanning art, culture, tradition, and top-quality craftsmanship Autumn Delights Back to Big Events: chronicles of a unique summer! Nexa is partnering The Venice Glass Week 2021 - #VivaVetro! Venice, the city of gold Reopening time? Seize the moment to create the Venice you want with Nexa! The Nexa Team We are on line with “Weddings by Nexa” and “Wineroads by Nexa”! "Lady" Venice turns 1600! Nexa and Hotel Heureka are partnering again to celebrate Venice and its secrets To each couple their very own signature soundtrack! Flower Power You're invited to the wedding! Good manners in events The perfect wedding dress for you! Virtual Events Nexa's 30th anniversary New setback for our events: where is the light? NEXA and The Venice Glass Week The Nexa Wineroad Experiences - Castelvecchio The Nexa Wineroad Experiences - Castello di Buttrio The Nexa Wineroad Experiences - Venica&Venica The Nexa Wineroad Experiences - Borgoluce The Nexa Wineroad Experiences - Maeli The Nexa Wineroad Experiences - Bisol 1542 The Nexa Wineroad Experiences - Venissa From dream to reality - Daily adventures that will bring back the pleasure of travelling and living unique experiences and dreams Nexa Stories - The world of our events streaming live on Instagram Remote working: a force to be explored Nexa in the time of Covid-19 - Where have all our wonderful events gone? Nexa in Genius People Magazine Discover the exclusive events of the Venice Carnival with Nexa Venice Gardens Foundation and the restoration of the Royal Gardens of Venice Nexa in Marie Claire France Nexa's Wineroads Nexa Wedding is special project of Nexa Event & Travel Designers Biennale and much more: 3 exhibitions not to be missed in Venice Our collaboration with The Peggy Guggenheim Collection Red Regatta by Melissa McGill Antica Tostatura Triestina. The taste of things done well. The gold leaf workshop, the precious soul of a centuries-long tradition The hostess: just a pretty face or the spearhead of the organization? "Great” logistics makes for a “great” event Judi Harvest's Honey Garden: an ecosystem of beauty The Venice Glass Week 2018 Tintoretto is Venice Venice by way of 5 films that have made the history of the Venice Film Festival. An itinerary to the discovery of the secrets of the great filmmakers. Launch of the Heureka Hotel in Venice at the George Club in London Hotel Heureka: a world of Beauty in the heart of Venice A tour with Nexa at the Venice Glass Week Art Crafts in Venice Nexa, logistics and luxury brands in Venice Venart Palace in Venice: a new location for our events Guided tour of the exhibition Tancredi. A Retrospective, a new important addition to the Nexa tour dedicated to Peggy Guggenheim With Nexa at the 2017 Venice Carnival in a whirlwind of parties, traditions and exclusive galas The Nexa itineraries to discover a unique and unexplored Venice The leaning bell towers of Venice Paolo Venini and his furnace at the Island of Giorgio Maggiore in Venice until 8 January T FONDACO DEI TEDESCHI - The new luxury retail concept in the heart of Venice Redentore in Venice: tradition and glamour for the most Venetian festival of the year Roberta di Camerino's atelier in Venice. A place that made the history of fashion in the world “Venice, the Jews and Europe”. The Doge's Apartments, Palazzo Ducale Helmut Newton at Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice. Fascinating insights into the world of the great photographer of timeless elegance Aldo Manuzio alle Gallerie dell’Accademia di Venezia, a journey through the most beautiful books in the world, the perfect combination of vision, creativity and style. The wine roads of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia: a journey through culture, beauty and good food Venice Hospitality Challenge Andrea Schiavone at the Correr Museum Naples. The city of contrasts. The proof is in your heart Music and water: the seduction of water in the music of Giuseppe Verdi Dining with Gioachino Rossini: the marriage of music and food When cooking meets art, music and cinema Nexa's master class for Ca' Foscari University FEEDING THE SPIRIT - A JOURNEY INTO ITALIAN ART, BEAUTY, AND LIFESTYLE “Made in Italy” itineraries with the Nexa seal of approval for Expo 2015 Nexa and Pinkommunication are now partners! To you who love beauty Expo2015: Veneto in the starting blocks! Festa del Redentore - Feast of the Redeemer Fundamentals 2014: Meet Nexa in architecture! There is a house in the heart of Venice ... for a private event surrounded by history, art and music Nexa discovers a glorious historic venue Rockport chooses Nexa for the Venetian leg of the press trip Wonder and Fantasy Nature: all the news and information on the 2014 Carnival of Venice "Renaissance: Carpaccio meets Bill Viola" Nexa's style at the 2013 Venice Art Biennale Manet "tailored" by Nexa Nexa: Our best event? The next one! PMV and Nexa on the same "track" Events of excellence in an art location: Nexa presents Casa dei Tre Oci Showcasing great art photography in Venice New treasures to discover in Venice ... always with Nexa! The Hotel Gritti Palace has reopened: Nexa is proud to be part of the official presentation! Nexa..."in any language of the world" Nexa and Adriatic LNG together again for "Un mare di energia" Nexa: tailor made services for a high-couture Biennale!

 Venice has no secrets for Nexa Plan your Wedding in Venice Stewards and models for Eni Nexa and Crossroads of Civilizations at the “Tourism is Communication” Awards Acqua alta, take it easy! Nexa is reconfirmed in its two-decade-long partnership with Ca' Foscari University, Venice, for the tenth edition of the international conference CREDIT 2011 Nexa and Ca' Foscari University once again together to celebrate the start of the new academic year The Nexa hostesses for "TEMPORANEA. The possible realities of the Caffè Florian" Between culture and music: the Nexa itineraries for Palazzetto Bru Zane Exclusive event for an exceptional client on the Feast of the Redeemer. Wineroads by Nexa Weddings by Nexa Contacts Luxury Experiences in Venice Unexpected Venice
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