A treasure chest of hospitality in the heart of Venice

When it comes to treasures, Venice certainly carries the scepter, and we, who organize most of our events in Venice, can help you discover its hidden gems!

Behind the dazzlingly beautiful, eye-catching palaces that line the Grand Canal, you will find enchanting secluded places and precious historic residences where your event can turn into an authentic fairytale, one beyond imagination.

Such is the case with Palazzo Zen, nestled among houses, courtyards and gardens and close to some of the most noteworthy places in the city's history. A veritable treasure trove of beauty and hospitality, the palace belongs to an ancient family that includes even a Doge amongst its members. Descendants of the Zen family still inhabit the palace today, personally supervising its upkeep and lovingly telling its story.

The history of a "home" and the ability to embrace you into their world with their kindness and graciousness are essential traits of the Zen family and an integral part of the sense of hospitality that we love to reserve for our guests. Being welcomed in style, in the context of a relationship cultivated with passion, is a privilege for us and a distinctive element that enhances our events and makes them intimate and joyful!

Photo © H4PH - The White Day

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