Nexa's 30th anniversary


November 16th, 2020

We've come a long way! 30 years of life for Nexa, and for me, 30 years of work, joy, fun and wonderful meetings!

Nexa's history has been like a dance in the wonderful universe of events; the beginnings – in the 1990s – when, as a one-person company, I began exploring the world of academic conferences and organized my first events for some of the most famous cultural economists, the arrival of the first staff members with whom we started opening up to corporate events, the years when, as a structured team, we managed international events with large institutions, companies and fashion brands.

At Nexa, it has always been the human factor that has made the difference, those who, together with me, have brought into play their personalities in the service of an exciting, never monotonous, and often very demanding business. I am proud to have put a special imprint on my company which has been growing day by day and, I believe, has contributed towards the happiness of guests, organizers, participants and the team members who over the years have rewarded me with their professionalism and passion.

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary in a dramatic moment, at the time of a pandemic, a great and invisible enemy, one that is wiping out meetings, smiles and handshakes.Beyond any circumstance, I always believe it is the strength of the team that expresses our mission, that of creating stunning and successful events for us, our guests and for Venice. 

So; keep up the good work, Nexa, and remember that the greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow!


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