Remote working: a force to be explored

April 20th ,2020

For two months now, remote working has become our daily routine and has proved to be efficient, comprehensive and, in its own way, surprising. Remote working, or better still, working from home, is a force to be explored.

What have we discovered in "working from home" and how does it fit in with our work as organizers? From a technical point of view, it certainly implies the use of appropriate technological tools: a stable connection, a powerful computer, a workstation and other support and storage tools. From a professional point of view, working remotely in an efficient way with a team of people, or with external partners, means organization, precision, punctuality and respect for commitments.

If before the quarantine remote working was an alternative to traditional office work, now for us it confirms the guarantee of a perfect job that often optimizes tasks and makes it easier for staff who live outside the city. We have also rediscovered the quality of our activities as organizers: meticulous preparation, project drafting, comparing ideas, communication and sharing.

At Nexa we welcome and value the intelligent use of digital reality as an addition to actual reality,  hoping to return to real events, parties and weddings soon, because nothing can ever replace a handshake, a hug, or the pleasure of being together.

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