Roberta di Camerino's atelier in Venice. A place that made the history of fashion in the world

June 2016

Roberta gave us a private tour of the first workshop of her mother Giuliana, world renowned as Roberta di Camerino, the lady who, in the 1950s, changed the way to wear a bag.

Until then, handbags had only been understated accessories, little more than just a somber container, until the great designer turned them into a precious fashion item, fun, colourful at last.
Legendary shades of deep red, bottle green or dark blue, made even more original by the velvet used at the time only in soft furnishings. The bag was decorated with handmade elements originally from the world of the gondola.

Today Roberta di Camerino’s atelier lives again, in the heart of Venice, in a historic palace, bathed in the charm of the masterpieces it bears witness to. Its interiors are open, bright, surrounded by small gardens, filled with fine furniture from Roberta’s private collections and strewn with unique pieces.
Bags, scarves, trompe l'oeil dresses, umbrellas, sketches and drawings make this place a veritable ladies’ paradise.

A magical place that has made the history of fashion in the world, and that is well worth a visit.

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