The island of Giudecca - Retracing the roots of a fabulous past

Lying between Venice and its lagoon, with its orchards, gardens and ancient cloisters, the island of Giudecca has a rich past teeming with flourishing businesses and internationally renowned factories. What is there to see on Giudecca today? Most importantly, what is the experience of getting lost among its quiet alleys and secluded nooks and crannies like? 

The history of the island shows us its two-fold soul; that of the palaces and villas surrounded by lush greenery where the Venetian nobility loved to go to relax and enjoy partying, and that of the factories where ordinary people were toiling away. It was through labour that Giudecca became the natural extension of Venice  between the 19th and 20th centuries, and ensured its greatness. There were no spaces available in the city for the burgeoning 'factories', so the open spaces of Giudecca became invaluable.

Just think of the Molino Stucky, now a luxury hotel, which became the largest flour mill in Italy, or the Fabbrica della Birra, the brewery which, with its 'Birra Venezia' brand, was the second largest Italian exporting company. There were so many factories - furnaces, shipyards, tanneries, sawmills, farms, wax factories, knitwear factories - and the quality of the production was very high. Precision watches, electric batteries and even pianos were made on Giudecca. There was even an ice-processing plant for preserving meat. And what about Italy's most prolific film studio?

The island has no secrets for our guide, who will take us on an exceptional tour. We start from the top, from one of the most beautiful terraces in the Lagoon, to then stroll among silent cloisters and sweeping views over the teal-blue water, to reach the interminable calle where ship ropes used to be "pulled". We visit masterpieces of art and architecture and find the only surviving factory, famous throughout the world for the incredible value of its artistic textiles. 

Join us as we explore the treasures of Giudecca, and be prepared to be amazed.

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