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New treasures to discover in Venice ... always with Nexa!


Unusual locations to discover in Venice, original and very private places that enrich Nexa's venue portfolio ... and with different features to make any kind of event the most unforgettable and successful!

Thanks to the wide network of local and international relations and with over twenty years' experience in organizing events and conferences, Nexa has recently bolstered its lineup of unusual and exclusive locations with top-of-the-range venues in which to welcome your guests and customize your own events.

So how about the precious noble floor of a palace in the heart of Venice with a vocation for music, where a small private concert highlights the suggestion of a dinner or a cocktail party? Or is there anywhere more appropriate than an elegant palace on the Grand Canal, unbeknownst to most, for a classy dinner in the magnificent rooms decorated with frescoes and antique furniture? And what about the hidden gardens, the characteristic entrance halls, the grand halls and drawing rooms of a historic house where the owners in person can welcome guests and imprint on any event a taste of the history and culture of Venice? Among all the possible events Nexa create, there is also the one and only you can invent entirely, and here is the ideal location: a great palace on the Grand Canal ready for your own stage setup, furnishings, and decoration.

Count on Nexa to always find the right location for the right event!

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