Nexa in the time of Covid-19 - Where have all our wonderful events gone?

March 20th, 2020

Everything has changed, radically, in the blink of an eye! Who could imagine that in less than a month we would go from designing confirmed, scheduled events to absolute uncertainty? Where have all our wonderful events gone?

All the weddings, ready to be staged - the venue, the organization, the choice of flowers and a thousand other details to which we dedicated ourselves in recent months - have all been postponed until next year. Our VIP-tours, designed specifically for the guests of some major international events, have been rescheduled or delayed, and the same goes for the "culture&leisure" programs created for our most curious visitors.

In a what is an unprecedented move, Biennale Architettura 2020 has been postponed by three months; the second time in history that any Biennale event has been rescheduled. We at Nexa are ready, as always, to stand by our clients, in Venice to attend Biennale related events, and we will rise to the challenge even if faced with further postponement or change.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and ready to come up with a plan, come what may!

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