Modern and contemporary art in Venice


The world's first contemporary art show originated in Venice in 1895 and remains one of the most prestigious international art exhibitions. Biennale means new trends, experiments and a unique experience for those caught in its whirlwind. 

Just like Peggy Guggenheim, the American heiress, a supporter of the European avant-garde, who founded the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Visiting the museum, in the house where Peggy lived and hosted her young artist protegés, holds a special evocative power that brings back the atmosphere of the time and the vision of this patroness of the arts, a passionate protagonist of the twentieth century international cultural scene. 

Another collector, François Pinault has given back to the city the old Dogana Da Mar, the Maritime Customs House, transforming it into the new pole of contemporary art. 

In Venice, the interaction between the past and the avant-gardes has always stimulated experimentation and has made the city a fertile breeding ground of ideas – a great opportunity to discover the smaller art galleries, the exhibitions and ateliers of the young artists who keep the creative spirit alive in the city.

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