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Nexa..."in any language of the world"


With over 20 years’ experience in the field of translation and interpreting, Nexa can rise to the challenge ... "In any language around the world"!
By partnering with professionals specialized in various fields, from the sciences to medicine, from literature to economics, Nexa offers its clients translation and interpreting services tailored to the most specific needs. Whether it is an international conference, a specialist seminar or a bilateral meeting, Nexa’s interpreters provide the best solution in terms of professionalism and efficiency, thereby consolidating its relations with high profile national and international institutions and organizations.
And if Nexa is recognized and respected for its excellence in interpreting services, it also stands out for its reliability and punctuality in written translation. That is why important institutions, such as the Venetian Civic Museums Foundation and the Venice Biennale entrust the translation of their catalogues and press releases to Nexa. International hotels like Hotel Cipriani in Venice, and prestigious cafes like Caffé Florian, rely on Nexa for their translations into European and non-European languages.
Nexa, multilingual translation and interpreting services, "always on time"!

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