> Specialist Seminars
Specialist seminars are usually conducted according to certain rules: they address a specific theme, the participants are experts on the subject, practical aspects are prioritized over theoretical ones, and they usually have a tight timeline. All delegates participate actively, often behind closed doors.

Privacy and rigour are the guiding rules. For this kind of workshops we choose special locations in Venice to promote concentration, we set up the room often with a horseshoe table, make sure that microphones and amplification work perfectly, select the best interpreters to ensure not a single nuance is lost in translation, arrange coffee breaks and lunch to reflect the schedule of the meeting.

However, formalism and rigidity are kept within the confines of the room, only to be dissolved completely during the gala evenings or the most refined concerts, or the social programs where every organizational detail is impeccable, yet encourages and promotes socializing and networking between the guests.