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Naples. The city of contrasts. The proof is in your heart

November 2015

Back from Naples, the city of sun and sea, the capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, where Nexa, in collaboration with its local partners, had organized for its clients a number of off-the-beaten track activities that left them wide-eyed with delight.
The city of Naples offers two totally contrasting faces that make it unique and ever-amazing.
The narrow streets of the Spanish Quarter, the "bassi" (the cramped ground floor or basement housing spaces where everyday life is carried out in one room of a few square meters in the most surreal way), hide corners where ancient history is the silent witness to past opulence, taste and culture.
The ancient Roman layout of Neapolis is still very much visible when you walk the lower Decumano, literally "split" in two. Renaissance art alternates with Baroque and Rococo, and contemporary art reigns silent below ground in the Metro stations.
The city on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius seems to be affected by all the underground energy of this active volcano. For better or for worse. There is no middle ground. There are only two sides of the same coin that coexist in perfect, albeit tenuous harmony.
We sought to explore the most secluded and totally unknown places. A journey that took us well below the ground: passages, tunnels, secret passages along which the darkness gets scarier and scarier, but at the end of which light dominates, the quiet grandeur of the sea, the orange tones of the sunset.
"Naples is" ... and whoever treads the boards of this immense stage becomes a character in a play, or a grand Nativity scene where no detail is left to chance.
See Naples and LIVE.

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