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Virtual Events: a valuable resource to maximize event and destination communication in the time of Covid-19


November 23rd, 2020

The global pandemic has severely impacted our events and destinations. Venice firstly, which in addition to the Covid 19 pandemic, is still reeling after the exceptional high tide of November 2019, needs new ideas and strategies, so for us event organizers, the driving factor is finding valid communication alternatives.

Digital technologies offer huge resources to be exploited and we at Nexa consider them a very powerful communication tool, destined to become an integral part of physical events as well. So we applaud online events that ensure continuity to our industry and can increase creativity in a city that the whole world loves.

In addition to enabling interaction between people by virtually eliminating distances, thanks to platforms designed and customized according to the content to be exhibited, they also offer a broader scope for imagination, the creation of immersive settings, collateral content and moments of entertainment.

Why organise a professional and cutting-edge streaming event with Nexa? 

  1. Attendance: the number of seats in the room is infinite! Speakers and guests can connect directly from their own venues and thus ensuring greater participation.
  2. Interactivity: each viewer is an active participant by engaging in online chat and games.
  3. Quality: together with our technical partners we guarantee tailor-made and highly innovative technologies and hands-on supervision in the creation of the event in all its facets.
  4. Costs: an online event allows you to save on direct organizational costs, but also on incidental expenses.

So, when will your next online event be?

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