Venice Gardens Foundation and the restoration of the Royal Gardens of Venice

December 17th, 2019

Today in Venice, after a 5 year long restoration, the Royal Gardens, a real “green lung” located between Piazza San Marco and the Bacino di San Marco, have finally been reopened.

Commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in the early nineteenth century, the newly re-inaugurated gardens are once again connected to Piazza San Marco by the historic drawbridge and cover an area of 5,000 square meters surrounded by water and such iconic buildings as the Correr Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the Marciana Library.

Preserving a garden to bring it back to its original harmony is a noble, innovative and environmentally sustainable action. The Venice Gardens Foundation knew that well when they took up the surprising restoration of the Royal Gardens of Venice: «After five years of intense and passionate work, we are today restoring its Royal Gardens, a place of life, harmony and peace, to the city of Venice,» said Adele Re Rebaudengo, president of the Venice Gardens Foundation.

The Foundation was founded in Venice in 2014 to restore and conserve parks, gardens and properties of outstanding historic and artistic interest, protecting their fauna and restoring harmony and balance. Currently engaged in research and new restoration projects, the Venice Gardens Foundation works in accordance with the fundamental principles of patronage: protection of nature, support for the arts and learning.

The important conservative and redevelopment restoration has allowed the Gardens to be returned to the community even more luxuriant and rich in breathtaking views: now they are a place of meeting and a cradle of creativity.

We at Nexa are happy and proud to be able to share with you the news of this important milestone for our beloved city.

Photo © Venice Gardens Foundation

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