Cena a Venezia en

Dining in the drawing room of Europe

A frisson of excitement runs through you even before you get there; viewing it from above, catching a glimpse of it from the water, walking along the Procuratie to explore its priceless treasures gives you indescribable emotions and intoxicates the senses with its unforgettable beauty.

Beauty, always and in any case, is what we seek for our guests, and that is why the events we create become part of a memorable and unexpected experience.

This time, for an international jewellery brand, we chose a place we love for an intimate dinner in the most refined style. On the upper floor of the historic Grancaffè Quadri, in those that used to be the chambers of the Procuratori della Serenissima and now house the exclusive Ristorante Quadri, we welcomed members of the press in a dreamlike atmosphere. A single table, an essential table setting, precious furnishings, impeccable service and excellent food (Massimiliano Alajmo was awarded his first Michelin star in 2012) the result was a true hymn to the hospitality and history of Venice!

What could be a more precious experience for our guests than to be dining in one of the most iconic restaurants in the world and the only one directly overlooking St. Mark's Square?

Photo © Garage Raw

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