Reopening time? Seize the moment to create the Venice you want with Nexa!


It's time to reopen and we are starting to welcome back our guests, in a Venice that is slowly reclaiming its everyday life and is still all ours! This is the ideal time to visit it, experience it, enjoy its silences and most iconic sights, organise a special event in complete safety or create your very own love dream! 

We are happy to reap the fruits of the months spent in isolation and proud of our partners and suppliers who have always supported us and participated in all the projects we have launched: workshops, online sessions, IG live feeds and live photo shoots. 

Our Event Manners seminars are sold out and our network of excellent relationships has expanded with new discoveries and locations to make our events even more special. The coming months will be packed with weddings to be organised and we look forward to accompanying our brides and grooms on their most wonderful adventure in Venice. And, last but not least, we have a range of luxury experiences in store: tailor-made guided tours and private itineraries to give you what you don't expect, in a Venice that feels like home. 

Now you can experience Venice as you have never seen it before!

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