Judi Harvest's Honey Garden: an ecosystem of beauty

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October 8th, 2018

Judi Harvest is an American artist who lives between New York and the island of Murano in Venice,where she has created a world of beauty. She learnedglass making techniques from the best Murano masters, with whom she has established a virtuous association that is an integral part of her artistic project. In an old factory in Murano, among orchards and abandoned fields, Judi has created a garden, now luxuriant with herbs, flowers, and fruit trees and famous for hosting 6 magnificent beehives.

The honey garden is a true ecosystem of beauty, a place recreating the cycle of life that the artist perpetuates with her art. “I grew up with a garden that taught me to enjoy and respect the earth ...Like honeybees we have within us the patterns that will allow us to reshape the world we live in... ". Iconic are her pomegranate seeds in blown glass, the vegetables, flowers and honeybees that were part of the "Centrotavola Veneziano" on exhibit at the Gritti Palace in Venice during the Venice Glass Week 2018.

Entering her garden has been a real experience for us: the moment we stepped into Judi Harvest's world we perceived all the passion with which the artist has given life to the virtuous circle embracing her creations, nature and the world of the Murano glass tradition.

“My work has always developed out of real life experiences inspired by ways in which art brings positive energy and awareness”, and her message is, therefore, a celebration of nature and all the possibilities it offers us.

Judi Harvest's Honey Garden is among our most unique and fascinating "Culture & Leisure Programs".

Photo credit: Judi Harvest (www.judiharvest.com) e Nexa - Event and Travel Designers

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