Antica Tostatura Triestina. The taste of things done well. Itineraries and Tours

A world of passion in a cup of coffee brewed to perfection; this is Antica Tostatura Triestina and we love it for the same reason why we love things done well, and with style.
The gold leaf workshop, the precious soul of a centuries-long tradition Itineraries and tours

The Battiloro gold leaf workshop opened its doors for a special occasion and revealed its secrets to us; it is a privilege to listen to family stories, share the passion of its owners, touch the precious artefact in a place where time seems to stand still.
The hostess: just a pretty face or the spearhead of the organization? Event

Much has been said and written about the professional figure of the hostess, and more often than not, more about her looks than her real skills. Is she just a pretty face or perhaps the spearhead of the organization?
"Great” logistics makes for a “great” event Event

At the end of August we organized an event for a famous fashion brand which we are not allowed to divulge or discuss. However, we want to celebrate our logistics, how much it has contributed to the success of the project and how much it continues to be appreciated by our clients and guests.
Judi Harvest's Honey Garden: an ecosystem of beauty Itineraries and tours

Judi Harvest is an American artist who lives between New York and the island of Murano in Venice,where she has created a world of beauty. In an old factory in Murano, among orchards and abandoned fields, Judi has created a garden, now luxuriant with herbs, flowers, and fruit trees and famous for hosting 6 magnificent beehives.
The Venice Glass Week 2018 Itinerari and tours

A journey into a fairy world of beads and embroidery among treasures of wearable design.
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