The hostess: just a pretty face or the spearhead of the organization?

December 19th, 2018

Much has been said and written about the professional figure of the hostess, and more often than not, more about her looks than her real skills. Is she just a pretty face or perhaps the spearhead of the organization?

Don't automatically blame her for any hiccup in the smooth running of an event: if the hostess struggles to find a name on a guest list, most likely the list hasn't been drawn up properly; if she hums and haws when faced with the first request, perhaps she needs to be briefed more thoroughly; it is instead our view that hostesses are an integral part of any event and a major piece in the great organizational puzzle.

The hostess is our image, the precious assistant that helps us to run the organizational machine, the link between us, the suppliers, and our clients, a person who helps ensure communication targets are met and the event turns into a moment to remember.

A December chock full of events inspired us to pay tribute to our girls - conference hostesses, logistics hostesses, "image" hostesses - who have actively contributed to fill our pre-Christmas calendar: a concert for Palazzetto Bru Zane, the inauguration of the new exhibition at TFondaco by DFS, the inauguration of the M9 Museum in Mestre, the OECD conference on cultural and local development, the inauguration of the exhibition of painter Davide Battistin at the Querini Stampalia Foundation and the DFS corporate party at the Venice Casino.

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