Ikebana and Micheluzzi Glass: the Far East in an exceptional workshop

The 2023 edition of The Venice Glass Week was the perfect opportunity for a new event, a creative workshop celebrating beauty in its diverse forms.

Under the guidance of Evelina Florence Flowers, our guests were inspired by the ancient Japanese art of arranging cut flowers into magnificent compositions showcased by Micheluzzi Glass vases.

The vibrant colours of dahlias and lisianthus in rich shades of pink and orange gave new life and aesthetic meaning to the translucent qualities of the designer glass vases, creating unusual, light and delicate creations, a veritable feast for the eyes!

The serenity of the sunset in the garden of Palazzo Venart, the venue of the event, lent a calm and meditative air to the convivial evening, which ended with a small tasting of amuse bouches expertly prepared by Glam's star chef.

An awe-inspiring experience combined with the boundless joy of creating beauty together, as always in the service of Venice.

Photo © Marco Valmarana

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