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Our core business is based on strength of relationships, on purpose of collaborations, and on beauty in every detail.
We design our bespoke events bringing added value and interest to our clients' vision: be it exotic, mundane or dazzling.
Venice: we work alongside her, live inside her, create magic around her. There is, after all, only one Venice, and hence only this unique magic in the entire world.
Events Events are all about communication, celebration, glamour.

Organizing an event is realizing a concept and giving expression to an emotion with the perfect planning of all technical details. Method and precision support logistics, imagination is however just as essential to create original and exciting moments.

We are ready to create the most beautiful and memorable event with you!
Experiences Our itineraries will help you to discover the most magical and authentic Venice. From the classic sights to the most secret corners, our tours are designed to capture the true spirit of the city and the grandeur of its former glory.

We are ready to guide you to experience Venice’s unparalleled wonders.
Special Projects
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The Nexa Wineroad Experiences - Venissa Wineroads

Do you know what makes the Nexa Wineroads Experiences such a special project, even today when our world and the way we travel have changed so much?
From dream to reality - Daily adventures that will bring back the pleasure of travelling and living unique experiences and dreams News

Our job has always been to transform the dreams and desires of our clients into a reality to be fully experienced with their guests, friends and associates. We have selected for you three experiences in the open air and in the midst of nature specially chosen for this particular moment.
Nexa Stories - The world of our events streaming live on Instagram News

Starting from May 14, we have been streaming live on Instagram every Thursday at 17:30 to help our followers discover the world of our events. The videos are a series of conversations, each featuring a different guest, in which we disclose the secrets of our work in Venice and how we are facing the challenges of these very particular times.
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