Secret Venice: a world of beauty and intriguing facts

Six sestieri with dozens of churches, palaces, deserted courtyards, mysterious alleyways, secret gardens, ancient schools, a fascinating world overflowing with history and stories waiting to be told, curiosities and everyday life. The church of San Pantalon is easily overlooked, but step inside, look up high, and you’ll be astounded by the ceiling, which features the largest painting on canvas in the world!  443 square meters teeming with figures, draperies, colors and movement. 

We walk down a quiet alley to reach the Scala Contarini del Bovolo, an authentic gem of the Venetian Gothic style and the most beautiful spiral staircase in Italy: climbing to the top to enjoy the view of the roofs of Venice is an absolute must. 

Finally, the Ghetto, a city within the city, the oldest and best preserved of the Jewish quarters in the Old Continent, is teeming with everyday activities and fascinates the visitor with its 5 synagogues as austere on the outside as they are sumptuous inside. 

Would you like to get to know the "green" heart of Venice and its secret gardens? Glimpsing a flash of greenery creeping over a palace wall, we push open a gate and discover a gazebo draped in wisteria, and a waterfall of roses cascading from a terrace on the Grand Canal.  It’s a secret garden... let's go and explore together...

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