Art Crafts in Venice

Art Crafts in Venice

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A project showcasing Venetian artisans and the timeless masterpieces of their craftsmanship.

Arts and crafts have always been the pulsating heart of Venice and have made it the emblem of man's work. The reliefs on the main portal of the Basilica of San Marco or the capital with figures of Venetian trades in the Doge’s Palace well represent the sacredness of labour and daily work in the two most iconic symbols of the city.

Craftsmanship encapsulates the value of Venice, its unique history, its structure which imposes an incredible relationship between time and space and can best be told through its master craftsmen with a project focussing on Venetian arts and crafts.

Think back to Aldus Manutius and his Aldine Press. And Mariano Fortuny. How did they work? The answer can only be found in this casket of signs, styles and visions, combining the narrative of the artefacts and the know-how needed to create them that we seek to unlock and so offer an integral experience.

It will be an amazing journey involving studios, workshops and warehouses, strengthening the appreciation of the tenet that " hammering a nail into two pieces of wood changes with the changing of the support into which it is hammered". A history of the arts through a unique sensory experience.

Each object incorporates the whole of Venice, like looking into a crystal ball and exploring all the Venetian creative spirit.

Where else can one find such a purely explosive value?

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