Back to Big Events: chronicles of a unique summer!

Back to Big Events: chronicles of a unique summer!


Time does indeed fly. Here we are, at the end of October, sharing with you the events of the past few months. 

The long shutdown period quickly gave way to a summer season marked by a resurgence of events, and Venice was the undisputed star. Pressure and uncertainty were constant fellow travellers, but the satisfaction and happiness of returning to our beloved events definitely took over with undiminished joy and passion. 

June and July were hectic in the preparation of an event for the fashion show of a very famous French fashion brand. In July and August, with Weddings by Nexa, we were beside our couples ready to cocoon them in luxury, love and sharing. After that, the spotlight was on the return of the Venice International Film Festival and our whole team was involved in a whirlwind of events, celebrations and festivities for which we took care of every organizational aspect. September saw other major events: the organization of the TVGW Tours by Nexa, itineraries to discover the world of Venetian art glass, and the high-security, high-profile birthday of an international tycoon.
September then continued with the creation of tailor-made tours and experiences for a fantastic German family and a delightful wedding in a winery on the Prosecco hills. Last but not least, between late September and the beginning of October, we were busy with a series of conferences, concluding a truly unique season. 

We can't help but feel honoured to have been chosen once again for such amazing events and thank the awesome vendors who accompany us on our adventures.

And now, it's time to say goodbye because our next events are just around the corner, so keep following us!

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