The Nexa Wineroad Experiences - Venissa

July 1st, 2020

Do you know what makes the Nexa Wineroads Experiences such a special project, even today when our world and the way we travel have changed so much?

Nature, culture, excellent wine, delicious food to feast on and the centuries-old stories of the families hosting us. All this for us is enclosed in a single word: experience. Our passion has certainly not changed! With our experiences, tailor-made for you, we want to take you to the most fascinating wineries in the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

And we can only start from Venice. Venice and the slow pace of life in the Lagoon are, today more than ever, at the top of the list of the Italian highlights to rediscover, also by locals. Precisely for this reason we have organized, for you, a safe, open-air itinerary that will guide to explore the secrets of Venissa.

Starting from the heart of Venice, we will land on the island of Mazzorbo, an oasis of beauty and biodiversity that harbours an ancient and precious vineyard. The grapevines grown at Venissa  yield the Dorona, the golden grapes loved by the doges, and the herbs that find their way into the kitchens of the Venissa restaurant.

Now at the resumption of activity Venissa has been focusing on the Venusa Islands project: a small selection of products inspired by the combination of land and sea. Let's discover them together but more importantly let's taste them together: the Venissa wine, a unique white wine made according to the rules of the great reds. Our host will be happy to share with us the story of this precious vineyard in the Venice Lagoon while sitting at one of the osteria tables before a dish of delicious fish.

After lunch, a stroll along the vineyard will lead to the island of Burano, where our tour leader will guide us to the discovery of the wonders of this island, the kaleidoscope of the thousand colours of its houses, narrow streets and courtyards where time stands still.

Next week our Wineroads will take us inland to meet the Bisol family, winegrowers in Valdobbiadene since 1542.

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