New setback for our events: where is the light?

The news is that we are at a stand still once again! So, what is the outlook now?


November 6th, 2020

The news is that we are at a stand still once again! After the most recent anti Covid 19 restrictions, we had to abort a road show around Italy, cancel the events for this winter and early 2021, and change our perspective one more time. So, what is the outlook now?

Over the past few months, we went from worry to hope, from frustration to the conviction that, by taking all the necessary safety measures for us and our guests, we could start organizing events again. And now there seems to be another "total stop" on a profession that systematically generates an extraordinary turnover in the related industries, elevates the spirits, is useful and disseminates value.

Nexa's home page has a phrase derived from Vitruvius that is for us the perfect synthesis of what we bring into play when we organize events: "solidity in the relationships, usefulness of the meetings, beauty in the details, are the heart of our organization".

The relationships we create are the structure of our work – building teamwork with each other, our suppliers and our clients is the asset that, together with the resulting actions, guarantees the event. The meetings we organize are useful because they spread knowledge, promote business ties, generate inspiration and new ideas for the market, culture and society. The beauty we like to surround ourselves with – the locations, the tablescapes, the atmospheres, the fragrance, the food, the venues – is the primary condition to deliver unforgettable experiences that are good for the soul. In addition to all this, the myriad of people we involve in our work and who benefit financially from organizing events, become a virtuous vehicle of actions and activities.

We are sad but not stuck, we are motionless but our ideas don't stop flowing and we'll never get tired of thinking that "being together" will always be a celebration, so no matter what, we'll face the music and dance!

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