"Great” logistics makes for a “great” event

“Great” logistics makes for a “great” event

October 22nd, 2018

At the end of August we organized an event for a famous fashion brand which we are not allowed to divulge or discuss. However, we want to celebrate our logistics, how much it has contributed to the success of the project and how much it continues to be appreciated by our clients and guests.

A dedicated team of highly qualified and trained hostesses were in charge of coordinating the transfers of the guests from arrival to departure, working side-by-side with us in every step of the event. A shortlist of exceptional suppliers, accurately selected in years of experience, guaranteed efficiency and punctuality. Water is fascinating but when it comes to managing boat travel we are faced with an infinite number of variables: high tide, low tide? Wind or fog in the lagoon? Convenient and safe mooring?

Organizing logistics is often an adventure, each time a different experience, an event within the event and a challenge that we adore. How can you resist a glass of prosecco served in the elegant cabin of a luxury motorboat speeding from the airport to one of the many magnificent destinations in Venice?

Logistics has its own style, made of readiness, elegance and teamwork.

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