The Nexa itineraries to discover a unique and unexplored Venice

Itineraries and tours

For us at Nexa sightseeing tours are real events that we organize to be able to offer our guests the experience of the city. We like to guide visitors to discover the beauty of Venice and explore her history, traditions, new details and curiosities.
We create itineraries, we choose the places to visit, we recommend hotels and restaurants, we select the local guides, we coordinate transfers and manage logistics. We design and build our "culture & leisure" programs from A to Z by sharing every detail with our clients to ensure the itineraries are tailored to their preferences and time frame.
Many are themes that we have developed and many the places we have explored, constantly seeking the detail that will create tha tunique lasting impression. We are passionate about the idea of capitalizing on our relationships with the local institutions and individuals to give our clients the best the city has to offer and to disclose to our guests the most authentic and original aspects of our city and its history.

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