NEXA and The Venice Glass Week

The Venice Glass Week has just come to a close and we are already missing it! It was an whirlwind of events that filled the city with celebrations, culture and beauty.

Itineraries and tours

September 7th|13th, 2020

This year we had the honour of being part of TVGW, creating a series of "experiences" that, from September 7 to 13, brought our guests "into the Heart of Glass".

The heart was the driving force of our teamwork: the heart to create the event in this very special moment, the heart to convey the wonderful world of glass making in all its meanings, the heart to introduce to those who joined us to the true authentic tradition that has made Venice and Murano a centre of international excellence.

A huge thank you to those who, with us, have been part of this adventure: from the organizers to the artists - artisans, master glassmakers and all the guests who have participated in our guided tours through ateliers, furnaces, workshops and studios, still today a valuable testimony of centuries-old activities. 

Photo © The Venice Glass Week 2020, ph. Massimo Pistore

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