The islands of the Lagoon: a watery maze

These far-flung islands reveal to us what life was like before Venice was born. Let yourself be lulled by the tranquil sounds of the Lagoon, as its timeless landscape unfolds before your eyes. The monasteries, churches and charming villages scattered across the shimmering waters recall a bygone age when the Lagoon was the beating heart of Venetian civilization. 

We make our way to the Byzantine basilicas of Torcello, where the first inhabitants, fleeing from the Barbarian hordes, found refuge.

The island of Burano, famous in the world for its lace, is like a kaleidoscope of a thousand colours. Legend has it that the fishermen painted their houses in bright hues to be able to see them from afar when they came back from the sea. 

Murano is the island of blown glass: its glassworks preserve the secrets of glass processing that have been handed down through the generations with the creation of real works of art. 

The island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni hides a real treat among its treasures! Would you like to know what it is? It is the marvellous rose jam that the Mekhitarist monks make with the petals from the convent's rose bushes harvested according to tradition in May, at dawn or at dusk.

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