Grand Openings & Vernissage

In Venice, the premier showcase for art and popularity, grand openings and previews are innumerable: exhibitions, luxury stores, deluxe hotels, museums, palaces, there are countless opportunities for events that combine culture and social life.
A vernissage is a private preview of an exhibition, an exclusive event whose organization is closely related to its media value. Attendance is paramount and the imperative is to ensure the participation of experts, journalists, local political leaders, curators, artists, PR professionals – it is the guest list that will "make or break" the event.
And that is why we offer a range of activities aimed to enhance both content and image: the happy participation of the guests, the impeccable hospitality of the hosts, the quality and presentation of the food, the ambience of the opening party that will crown the event and all the services that will turn it into a veritable ribbon-cutting opening ceremony.
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