“Venice, the Jews and Europe”. The Doge's Apartments, Palazzo Ducale

May 13rd, 2016

The exhibition "Venice, the Jews and Europe", June 19 - November 13 2016, is one of the three major events of the year and will certainly be an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about the Jewish world.

This year the Ghetto of Venice turns 500 on 29 March and the city marks the anniversary with several events highlighting Jewish culture. After the inauguration at La Fenice, that we had the privilege of organizing together with the Jewish community, concerts, openings, art exhibitions, theatrical performances in collaboration with the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world are spread throughout the city.

All the events aim to recount the story of a place that made the word “ghetto” a household name in many languages, and communicate the cultural and artistic contribution the Venetian Jewish community was able to impart despite the restrictive conditions imposed on it.

The exhibition focuses on the cultural and linguistic relationships between the Jewish community and the city at large, its crafts, its trade , its daily life, shared with Christians and other minorities living in Venice.

"Venice, the Jews and Europe" transcends the confines of the ghetto walls that were the cradle of so many treasures and deep-rooted traditions.

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