Partying it up on a catamaran at sunset... with a view of the golden city

The summer evening breeze, a glass of prosecco sipped while gently floating on the water, a saxophone in the background and, all around, Venice, its beauty in the golden light of sunset: what more extraordinary setting for an event?

And this one was super special: our own event! For Nexa, we chose a party on board a catamaran with drinks, music and dancing as the sun went down, sailing across the Lagoon with views of the city's iconic sites.

Our partners, colleagues, friends and companies that work with us were our guests, a great team that makes our events unique and with whom we create dream experiences for the most demanding clientele.

Our secret? Relationships, the core of good organization and passion, which allow us to continue to create unusual and fun solutions.

Hence the catamaran, the vintage boat, the typical boat, the luxury yacht, the fishing boat: all locations that move on the water and where you can host  wonderful experiences, from a romantic event to a wine and food tasting, and discover the treasures of the Lagoon. 

Contact us if you would like to explore Venice from the water with us!

Photo Banner © Venezia Catamaran

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