The Nexa Team


May 3rd, 2021

We all have different backgrounds and degrees, either in economics, the humanities or arts management, and each one of us, with our differences, contributes to the vibrancy and efficiency of Nexa. So now, how do we manage that? 

First and foremost because we are a close-knit, well-established team with a natural flair for organisation, we love networking and believe that ideas come from pooling efforts. 

We are dynamic and very curious, which drives us to always set new goals, come up with unique projects to showcase our company, and present our clients with creative ideas and solutions. 

Behind every event there's a story and then there's us, giving shape to our projects and infusing them with a soul! 

We have therefore decided to tell our stories and have dedicated a series of posts and stories to our team where we talk about ourselves, our passions, our role in the company and how much our work as organisers has enriched us and made us grow in our private lives too. 

Would you like to get to know us better? What are you waiting for, follow our upcoming postings on our social channels! 

  • Our social channels are: @nexaeventi (FB) and @nexa_eventi (IG). 
  • In the featured "Team" stories on IG you will find all our BIOs.
  • From 22 February until 29 May we will be running a series of posts where each of us will answer the question "How has working in the events industry changed you?"
  • From 12 April to 11 June, follow our stories "Venice by Nexa" where each of us will personally share fun facts, anecdotes, traditions about Venice and much more.

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