Micheluzzi Glass at Palazzo Venart

A collection of the most beautiful works signed Micheluzzi Glass, chosen for you and on display for the duration of The Venice Glass Week 2023.

The objects by Micheluzzi Glass feature clean and delicate lines that enhance the lightness, texture and multiplicity of this wonderful material. A collection of unique handmade pieces, selected from the new collection designed by Elena and Margherita Micheluzzi.

Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the rooms of this palace decorated in a classic Venetian style, embellished by the modern and original aesthetics of these vases, made with a multitude of techniques. A unique experience, only for "The Venice Glass Week" which can be visited free of charge for the entire duration of the festival, from 11am to 8pm at Palazzo Venart, Calle Tron 1961, in Venice.

Photo © Micheluzzi Glass

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