Nexa in Marie Claire France

November 18th, 2019

Great news! We are so proud to share that Nexa has been prominently featured as part of the coverage that Marie Claire France has dedicated to Italy in view of the Christmas holidays and the new year!

In the article "Nexa, the passion au service d’événements élégants et luxueux" we talk about our  world, our work, which is the result of the fine balance between passion and reason, and the characteristics that distinguish each member of our team.

The article also describes our main "mission": to tell the story, life and cultural heritage of Venice through the events and experiences we create. Precisely for this reason, as the location for our photo shoot we have chosen Fornace Orsoni and its kaleidoscopic Colour Library, which contains more than 3,500 glass paste colours expressed in an infinite number of shades. Orsoni, the last furnace left in Venice, is for us an exceptional location, the essence of tradition and of the concept of authentic "Venetian-ness".

In addition to Nexa's past and present, in this article we also talk our ideas and wishes for the future, including glittering weddings and an extraordinary project dedicated to the world of Italian wine and lifestyle: Nexa's Wineroads.

To find out all the details you can read the full article here (in French).

It was a pleasure to welcome you into our world and speak about the work that we are so passionate about. Thank you Marie Claire France for choosing to include Nexa in your prestigious web portal!

Photo 1 © Valeria Necchi
Photo 2-3 © Matteo De Fina

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