Luxury events at The Venice Venice Hotel: when hospitality becomes art

Among the events organised for the opening of Biennale 2022, there was one that was particularly special to us.

A donor in the art field asked us to host a group of curators and enhance, through the choice of location, the experience of being immersed in art. The Venice Venice Hotel ensured just that – a new hospitality concept, a new style, a new approach.

The Venice Venice Hotel ensured just that – a new hospitality concept, a new style, a new approach. The Venice Venice is a hotel overlooking the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge. The building is the result of a painstaking restoration that brought back to life one of the oldest palaces in Venice, Ca' da Mostro, dating back to the early 13th century. There are many stories surrounding this building, which, in the 18th century, was home to the most famous hotel of the time, the Leon Bianco, a favourite destination of monarchs, artists, poets, and aristocratic grand tour travellers. For hundreds of years, this area was the hub of the republic’s commercial activities: the perfect place to trade goods and exchange knowledge of the distant worlds gradually being discovered.

Ca' da Mosto thus has a rich history of Hospitality, the underlying theme that made the "Biennale" event at the Venice Venice a joint and successful organisation. Together, and for our guests, with this event we showcased the far-reaching exchange between the Biennale, the most avant-garde exhibition of International Contemporary Art, and Venice, the most unique city in the world.

We fully share the idea at the heart of The Venice Venice Hotel and try to translate it with our projects and events with the goal of restoring the concept of the avant-garde to the centre of Venice and Venetian life, in the name of value and beauty.

Photo © The Venice Venice Hotel

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