Ministerial Meetings

Ministerial meetings are large-scale institutional events, forums in which ministers from different countries come together to make decisions and coordinate shared political and economic strategies. They are the sum of all types of organization; the institutional event par excellence and at the same time, a conference in its strictest form, a specialist workshop behind closed doors and also the most sophisticated gala reception.

The Nexa team knows how to organize ministerial meetings in Venice, how relate to the state apparatus, government offices and officials, undersecretaries or ambassadors, how organize days of plenary sessions with distinguished guests, parallel sessions, bilateral meetings, following the dictates of the state ceremonial and the busy schedule of the political world.

The lines of action here are "on demand" and "on the spot" so as to satisfy last-minute needs and changes and new decisions of the many important participants. Down to the last detail, and always to perfection!
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