5 restaurants in Venice, 5 gourmet experiences to share

The cuisine is characteristic of the place and the table is the perfect place where to establish stimulating relationships or live moments that will be forever etched into memory.

We recommend 5 restaurants in Venice where our guests love to revisit to enjoy the authentic flavors of the Lagoon and the freshest products, seasoned with passion and tradition. 

1. Osteria Alle Testiere – Castello
Intimate and refined, Osteria Alle Testiere is, in the words of our friend Russell Norman, "a little jewel box." From the cozy atmosphere to the quality of the food, the fine selection of wines and the owners' hospitality, everything contributes to making the guests feel pampered. A favourite of our international guests.

2. Osteria Santa Marina – Castello
There is no event where we are not asked to feature the Osteria Santa Marina, popular for its passionate interpretation of Venetian cuisine! Respect for the ingredients, creativity, the friendliness of the two owners, make the restaurant a place appreciated by every kind of guest, from scholars at an academic conference to the managers of a corporate event, or the creative directors of a fashion house.

3. Trattoria Antiche Carampane – San Polo
One does not arrive at Antiche Carampane by mere chance. Tucked away amidst the calli and campielli (small squares) near the Rialto Market, the restaurant was discovered by one of our loyal clients and now he simply loves it. Sardines and scampi in saor, baccalà mantecato or cod stew, cuttlefish in black ink, followed by typical cookies and sweet wine: tradition is served.

4. Osteria Giorgione da Masa – Cannaregio
After various experiences in Italy and in top-notch Venetian restaurants, Masahiro "Masa" Homma decided to serve authentic Japanese home cooking accompanied by natural wines or sake. We could not but recommend this restaurant to a client for whom we organized a Japan inspired event!

5. Quadri – San Marco
In addition to offering an exceptional location in Piazza San Marco, the Quadri features a cuisine linked to the territory, the products of the Lagoon and the Venetian tradition, which Max Alajmo has taken to a new level of depth. The historic rooms of the starred restaurant, renovated by Philippe Starck and Venetian craftsmen, are located on the upper floor of the Grancaffè Quadri above the Quadrino bistro, an informal restaurant set among antique mirrors and stuccoes.

With Nexa by your side, each of your events in Venice will be an opportunity for an unforgettable gourmet experience.

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