We are on line with “Weddings by Nexa” and “Wineroads by Nexa”!


April 30th, 2021

“Weddings by Nexa” is the dream, where our thirty years of experience in the organization of luxury events has led us: the quintessential event, the wedding, that unique and unforgettable moment. Our Venice is the magic and, for a newly married couple, the most precious gift! 

“Wineroads by Nexa” was born out of our passion for taste and the desire to offer luxury food and wine experiences through fully managed and organized private tours in the wine-growing areas near Venice, surrounded by natural beauty, historical landmarks, culinary traditions and charming hospitality. These are the stories of the "wine-growing families", the pulsating heart of these lands. 

And there's more to come: Unexpected Venice! It's about how to design a Venetian experience that will be forever etched in your memory. Have you ever visited an art conservation workshop? Are you curious to experience how to "gild" wood under the expert eyes of a master craftsman? Would you like to treat yourself to a private dinner in a museum? Contact us to create the Venice you've always dreamed of!   

Photo © H4PH - The White Day

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