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Gilda Zaffagnini Nexa

Our story began in the 1990s when, during a study period in France, I was asked to help organise an event at the Prince's Palace of Monaco in Monte Carlo. I fell in love with assisting guests in such a prestigious milieu and decided there and then that when I "grew up" this was exactly what I wanted to do: organize beautiful and unforgettable events! 

After graduating and spending time in New York and London I decided to turn my passion into a real profession. I based my company’s headquarters in Venice and made my moves into the world of event planning

Nexa acquired considerable knowhow, new skills and commissions, putting together a group of people with a special talent for organization in which each member contributes  expertise to give this company a heart, a brain, and a soul. We devote our full attention to listening to the needs of our clients, working alongside them during the realization of the event. Always with the utmost respect for customized solutions, making sure that the expected corporate communication goals are achieved. 

Venice in itself is the ideal venue: the locations, activities and traditions are the unique heritage of this city. Certain that the international vocation of the city will highlight any presence and participation, Nexa works with Venice to translate the client’s blueprint into a winning strategy.  

Our aim is to exceed your expectations and those of your guests!
Gilda Zaffagnini Nexa

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