"Lady" Venice turns 1600!


March 25th, 2021

Celebrating 1600 years of Venice in 2021, a momentous and challenging year.

Venice was allegedly born on March 25, 421 and her origins are still shrouded in mystery. We like to think of the city as a "woman", founded by Queen Adriana, wife of Gilius, king of Padua. The noblewoman fled to the sea in an attempt to escape Attila and, with her children, handmaids and treasures, took refuge in the Lagoon, on a more solid and less swampy strip of land that was later called Dorsoduro, one of the sestieri of present-day Venice.

As the legend would have it, the city was then founded by an indomitable woman and her courage which was later to become the determination of a people to create life between land and water, in a place where there were only marshes, and give rise to new communities that would eventually build an incredible city.

We wish Venice a happy birthday and intend to celebrate 2021 as a milestone, a pivotal year of change and rebirth for a community aware of its own value and of the grandeur of man's work, the unique and precious bedrock of our city.

To learn more about the official events and activities organized for the 1600 years of Venice visit this link: https://1600.venezia.it/.

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