A secret gem for your event in Rome amidst the splendours of an extraordinary past 

Magnificent yet still largely under the radar, it is the last princely residence built in Rome. A fairy-tale place with an eventful past, where the princess lived until the age of 107. Everything in the house has remained as it was, the furnishings are original and the rooms sparkle with wondrous and exotic objects. The property is a family heirloom that the descendants aim to enhance with the utmost respect for the memory of a noblewoman with a charismatic personality that still shines through in the details.

Nexa Event &Travel Designers were impressed by the uniqueness and beauty of this Roman event destination and we feel proud and privileged to be able to present it to our clients. Every corner of the house has a message to be conveyed and an event to be created. Where in the past, great ladies and noblemen were entertained, now the same exquisite sense of hospitality still transpire. We are in the very heart of Rome, surrounded by a park dotted with palm trees, laurels and centuries-old holm oaks.

We cross a small bridge, an enchanting passageway leading to the salon of the house, where the princes spent their private time. In the gilded rooms, decorated with mirrors, tapestries, family portraits, miniatures and oriental vases, we are lost in admiration at every detail. How can we fail to yield to the magic of these treasures and not give free rein to our creativity? Which shall it be - a sumptuous gala dinner? An intimate yet glamorous gathering? A private party? A special wedding? And what about the precious company of the host?

An eminent historian and passionately committed to honouring his heritage, the owner regales us with fascinating stories about a family with roots in the Middle Ages. His lively and captivating storytelling will make the venue come alive and turn our events into an authentic experience. 

Nexa Event & Travel Designers is now also in Rome, backed by a network of exclusive partnerships. A guarantee of beauty and fun for your next event! 

Photo © Pier Paolo Carletti

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