The Venice Glass Week 2018

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September 8th, 2018 - Venice and Murano

The Venice Glass Week2018 (9-16 September) is just around the corner and we are getting ready for it, and ready to showcase it to our guests! What we like about this great event is that it celebrates the quintessential Venetian tradition and creates a journey to the discovery of this heritage that weaves among places, palaces and museums, offering insights into the art of glassmaking and exhibiting artefacts of extraordinary beauty.

This year the Venice Glass Week has inspired us to create a precious itinerary, among jewels, beads, and embroidery in the world of wearable design: we have chosen 3 ateliers - 3 styles, 3 stories of passionate artists who have been able to expand the potential of time-honoured know-how with new techniques of their exclusive creation to produce unique, beautiful, unrepeatable pieces.

We enter the atelier, a treasure trove of precious fabrics, cushions, velvets nestling small jewels sparkling in a rainbow of colours: embroidery, flowers, corals created with very small glass beads (conterie) that have a long history. The artist tells us of the tiny glass trade beads that were used all over the world as currency in commercial exchanges and shows us how his jewels are created. Glass beads and their productionhave been nominated for the UNESCO Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

A former warehouse near the Rialto markets: the most striking feature here is the space, the harmony between traditional materials and contemporary elements that frame the jewels. The creations are of absolute formal originality with Venetian, ethnic and art nouveau influences enhanced by materials such as copper, silver and antique Murano glass. Beloved and celebrated all over the world, the two artists are happy to talk about their work with the elegance and pride of those whoare well aware they are creating precious artefacts.

They are from Murano and glass runs in their veins - meeting them and talking to them is like retracing the last century of the Murano glass tradition. We lovethese two artists, their history of inspiration and tradition, the know-how stemming from their heritage to get to the experimentation and creation of essential, geometric, colourful jewels. They move like two fairies in the almost metaphysical space of their atelier, flitting between workshop and showroom, from where their creations take off and fly to the most prestigious international destinations.

It will be a pleasure for us to accompany you on a visit to these wonders of glass; please contact us at:

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