Venice, the city of gold


Venice is a heady mix of art, history, and sights. And now, as it is awakening once again, it is showing its most intimate side. Just around the corner of a calle, you may come across a craftsman's shop you have never noticed before, ready to welcome you into his studio or invite you to a private lesson in gilding! 

Gilding is an ancient art that had its heyday in the 1700s, when the Venetian nobility surrounded themselves with precious artefacts to decorate their palaces. One of the few remaining gilders in the city welcomes you into his workshop, puts brush and gold leaf in your hand and teaches you all the tricks of the trade, in a wonderful journey back in time. 

The "perlere", the traditional glass bead makers, also apply gold leaf to the glass paste they use and create, with the help of fire, beads in amazing shades. In the heart of Venice, in a workshop where everything has remained unchanged since 1940, you can experience the creation and decoration of "lampwork" beads, enthralled by the stories of those who have been guarding this precious tradition for three generations! 

Are you curious to discover our third golden realm? His workshop is a treasure trove of the art of lost-wax casting, the age-old technique used to create works of art in gold and precious metals. Inlays in semi-precious stones, flowers in coral, gold, silver, bronze, small precious sculptures, reveal the emotions of those who create them and those who will wear them. And, if you want to, you can make your own personal jewel! 

Treat yourself to a unique, fun and rewarding experience with the private experiences of #unexpectedvenice!

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