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December 14th, 2020

Once the location and style of the wedding has been decided, it's time to start focusing on the details, and we at Weddings by Nexa just love this part. Details include the wedding invitations and the "wedding invitation suite" which will be customised and designed to convey your wedding date to your guests.

Because it is precisely from the date and the invitation that the bride and groom begin to prepare for their most memorable day. The invitation is what sets the mood and gives each wedding its own imprint. 

We asked Annamaria, the owner of Carta Frolla (Shortbread Paper) for some tips for a perfect wedding invitation suite that can be tailored to your style: 

  1. Graphics: all the paper materials should be coordinated. We always advise you to start from the wedding invitations as they are intended to anticipate the style of the wedding and give an idea of its atmosphere.
  2. Materials: the choice of paper and, above all, its weight, make all the difference.  There are plenty of options available on the market, so choose the kind of paper that comes closest to the mood of your wedding, and starts with a weight of 240/280 gr.
  3. Colour: choose the wedding suite palette according to the concept, but we recommend no more than two shades, perhaps playing with the background colour and the font colour.
  4. Font: it has the great power to immediately communicate the mood of the wedding. For the purposes of aesthetic impact, we recommend choosing only one type of font, varying the size according to what you want to highlight.
  5. Printed or handwritten: here you have total freedom of choice, but remember that wedding etiquette dictates that the address on the envelope (or the names of the guests if the invitation is hand-delivered) should always be written in your own handwriting.
  6. Customisation: this is the operative word for truly one-of-a-kind creations! This allows you to design a personalised logo, a symbol or a unique format that will  characterise ONLY your wedding.
If you liked this article you may also enjoy our Instagram video with the theme "wedding stationery and the alternative use of paper" recorded during the spring lockdown, where Annamaria Riosa, the soul and hands of Carta Frolla, tells us about her great love for paper and how she manages to transform this apparently "flat" material into something pliable and sculptural like the fragrant shortbread straight from the oven the name of the company plays on!

Photo © Cartafrolla

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