To each couple their very own signature soundtrack!


January 22nd, 2021

Music is with us in every moment of our lives: it makes us laugh, it makes us cry, it brings to mind our most important memories. And for their wedding day every bride and groom want the most fabulous soundtrack so they can share their unique story with their guests. 

So how can we help each couple to find their own special melody? We spoke to Anna Danieli, who uses her voice and professional expertise to translate the bride and groom's emotions into (strictly live!) music. 

Anna confirms that the first thing is LISTENING! Listening to the bride and groom, understanding their personality, what they have in mind for their dream day, their expectations, their musical preferences, but also who their guests are. 

On the strength of those elements, combined with her sensitivity and her own musical background, Anna proposes a playlist dedicated to that day and to the various moments that need a unique musical approach. 

However, the playlist is never final and definitive because it is the emotions and responses communicated by the bride, groom and guests in person that will show the sound designer what approach to take for the playlist. 

Would you like to ask for advice on how to create the soundtrack for your wedding? Contact us via and…Let's all sing together because music always bring people together! 

If you enjoyed this article also listen to our Instagram live feed with Anna Danieli  from the theme "The most beautiful soundtrack" posted during the lockdown.

Photo © Anna Danieli

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