Institutional Events

Institutional events celebrate solemn occasions and outstanding projects. In this case, the need to be "institutional" in the organization of the event is paramount, following all the rules that govern the formality of the institutional meetings.

Precision and etiquette are the principles informing every aspect of the process, from the feasibility study to the preparation and implementation of all organizational stages of the institutional event in Venice: the composition of the mailing list, the dispatch of the invitations, the relations with the relevant departments and authorities, the phone follow-ups for confirmation from premier speakers and attendees, the allocation of seats at the event, the management of the hostesses who coordinate the reception and the "positioning" of the guests.

We coordinate every organizational service in the knowledge that the success of the event, and therefore the visibility of the institution, can also be measured in terms of the ability to respect and accommodate all social ranks and positions, seamlessly and discreetly.
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