Good manners in events


December 9th, 2020

In our private as well as professional life, we find ourselves managing countless social relationships. Interacting with others with courtesy and consideration allows us to make every interpersonal relationship enjoyable,  work better and, above all, live better!
That's easy to say... but how can we actually do it? What is the secret ingredient for those who, like us, organise events and therefore have human relations and empathy with others at the core of their business?
Etiquette comes to our aid, as a real way of life as well as a set of codified rules. Incorporating advice on good manners into our everyday practice can strengthen our relationships, make them fluid and fun!

We are therefore happy to launch our new column "Le Buone Maniere negli eventi con Giulia Carli" (Good manners in events with Giulia Carli) and the online courses on etiquette that will start in January 2021.

Now, who is Giulia Carli? Read on to learn more about her.

Giulia began her working life as a dentist specialising in pedodontics (i.e. child dentistry) and every day she built on the lessons she  learned from the study of etiquette and good manners, which, as we have have come to learn, are precious assets in every situation.

After a few years she chose to express the very important part of herself that has to do with beauty (we are not only referring to looks, but to the perfect balance between self-coherence and harmony with others) so she decided to attend various national and international courses on image consultancy as well as gaining a Master Degree in History of Etiquette and Good Manners from La Sapienza University, to which she added courses of the Italian Academy of Etiquette, leading to a career as an image consultant and expert in Etiquette and Good Manners.

Today Giulia organizes online courses on style and elegance, she is an etiquette consultant for many Venetian companies and institutions and she is about to establish a school entirely dedicated to these themes in Venice.

If you want to learn more about the project follow our IG profile @nexa_eventi where starting from tomorrow you will find the "Buone Maniere" stories.

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