Nexa's Wineroads

October 31st, 2019

"Nexa's Wineroads" are the feather in our cap because they speak of refined taste, beauty and style.Venice is our starting point, the place most dear to our heart. We like to discover the authenticity of the wine tradition, and this is why we design experiences where wine culture and historical curiosities come together in tours that offer the flavour of the city and the splendour of its territory.

The Venetian mainland is full of gems that have inspired our Wineroads: 7 one-day itineraries starting from the Venetian lagoon, touching the Treviso Hills, the Friulian Collio, and reaching as far as the Karst Hills. Seven experiences, seven worlds that we have scouted for those who want to be surrounded and captivated by the Italian wine culture and fine living.

Nexa's Wineroads will soon have a place of honour in our website as a “special project”, and we intend to celebrate the wineries we have chosen as the symbol of the best Italian hospitality. We love the stories and passion these top vintners regale us with, true to the spirit of these words: “... since time immemorial, a lavish spread and a glass of good wine have represented a source of life, joy, love and zest for living....”.  

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